IB Freiwilligendienste

What awaits you?

Your first days in Germany

After your arrival in Germany you will have a few days for orientation (incoming seminar days). Get to know your contact person, the place where you are staying and the local surroundings. Moving in, taking care of all the necessary official errands and administrative formalities, your first informal visit to your new place of work and maybe even going to your first movie with someone else will facilitate your start in Germany.

Working hours and vacation

As a rule, you will have a 40-hour work week, but this
will depend on the requirements of the job in question.
In addition, you will also attend a total of 33 educational
seminars where you will be given the support of trained
educators. These seminars will provide you with answers
to any questions you might have in relation to living and
working in Germany.

You need some downtime?

No problem. While you are doing your voluntary service
you are entitled to 27 vacation days. You may take these
after prior consultation with your workplace.


Accommodation and remuneration

For your voluntary service, you will be paid at the end of each month. Depending on where your work assignment is, this will be between about 300 and 400 euros monthly. We will pay for the costs of insurance (health insurance, old-age pension insurance, accident insurance, unem-
ployment insurance and long-term care insurance).

And where will you be living?

During your voluntary service we will provide you with accommodation in the Stuttgart, Tübingen, Reutlingen, Ulm, Nürnberg and Munich regions. Depending on the location of your work assignment, we have residences and apartments at various locations and can also provide host families.

Your own contribution

You will be responsible for paying for the costs of travelling to and from Germany.


Guidance and training during the work assignment

A substantial part of the services we provide is the
personal counseling and guidance for our volunteers
given by the IB staff. Depending on the location of
your work assignment, you will be put into a certain
group of volunteers. We will support you in your per-
sonal concerns, in any conflicts you might have with
your work-place and in your social environment. At
the same time we will help you with your plans for
the future and with your decision on a future

The seminars which accompany this are an essential
part of the voluntary service.

These consist of:

25 days of training seminars

You will attend all the existing training seminars.
During these seminars, you will be able to socialize
with volunteers from other countries. These semi-
nars bring people together and will enable you to
develop your personal, social and professional skills.
They also focus on dealing with social themes and
issues. The seminars are held in each of the groups
and are conducted by a permanent team of educators.

8 additional days of incoming seminars

After your arrival you will attend a 5-day incoming
seminar along with the other incoming volunteers.
During this seminar you will be given all the infor-
mation you need for your voluntary service and for
living in Germany.

After 5 to 6 months there is a 2-day reflection seminar,
during which you can tell us about your experiences.
How are you doing? How can we support you? There
may even be enough time to take an excursion together…

Towards the end of your voluntary service we organize
a final day together. How was your year as a volunteer?
How was your year in Germany? What are your plans for
the future? At the end of this day, there will be some
activities or a party for everyone.

At a glance

During their voluntary service, the volunteers receive

• a remuneration
  (approximately 300 to 400 euros monthly),
• accommodation,
• non-contributory insurance in the compulsory
   health insurance, old-age pension insurance,
   accident insurance, unemployment insurance and
   long-term care insurance,
•  27 vacation days
•  33 days of seminars or workshops with guidance by
   trained educators and support in all questions and